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Yorkshire Terrier is one of the famous show dog in the world. They are the natural beauties with glossy long coat. But as per the AKC standards their coat should be silky,straight,glossy. Traditionally the coat is very long from the upper body. On head,chest,legs hair should be rich,tan,darker at the roots than in the middle.The shades in to a lighter tan at the tips but this is not applicable for all the dog breeds. Standard Yorkshire Terrier should not have black hairs intermingled with any of the tan colored fur.They have other color coats than above mentioned coat.  It might be ‘Woolly’ and ‘Cottony’ textured coats. One of the main reason why you should not bred with off colored breeds is genetically it will affect the color textures of the future generation.A full grown Yorskshire Terrier may have a different color coat like Blue/Silver with light brown. They have been identified as one of the cutest dog breeds in the world. Get more info about cute dog breeds here : Top 10 Cute Dog breeds in the World


Yorkshire Terrier is the breed of dogs from Terriers family which comes under the small dog breeds list. Though they are small , very active and not a soft tempered. They are very curious always and loves to get your attention. Loyal towards their owners but unpredictable some times. Dog experts like Gwen Bailey advised to not to give full access with your children. Also not a best option for a home full of people and children. They have a typical nature Terrier. They are terrier dogs after all.

They are one of the easy dog breed to train. They can be a good companion dogs, especially in your work. They cannot dominate other small dog breed  which has a same size of a Yorkshire Terrier. They prefer long walk/Run with owners or other dogs. Easy to socialize , would be shy in the beginning to get along with people or strangers.


Grooming is very important for Yorkshire Terriers. Daily brushing with a soft dog comb which can clear up the messed curled long fur. They need proper shampoo bathing at least twice per week. It is better to bring them to dog pro’s before taking any step of grooming also consult with your veterinarian about grooming medicines which can help them to be healthy and stay glossy in the coat. Ear wax cleaning , nail clipping should be a weekly activity of dog owners. Yorkshire Terriers are one of the famous show dogs.  Dog owners should be aware of the breed standards and coat rules to make the best show dog.

Yorkshire Terrier Photos

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