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The Toy Fox Terrier is a small terrier dog breed which came down from the Fox Terrier. They have a muscular and athletic body though they are small in size. Predominant white coat is an idle characteristic of this breed. Short tail , solid head , muscular body,  Pointy ears makes the look at it’s best. Large eyes and V shaped ears makes the look more elegant. Commonly breeders clip out the tail in to short ,few days after the birth. Short and glossy coat ,black with tan combination and tan coat all over the face. Also we can find this breed in two other variants like Chocolate replacing the tan in areas and another one which is white with tan all over without black.


Toy Fox Terrier is a short coated dog breed since it does not require daily grooming session. Though dog  owner should make sure on clean eyes , ears. Nail clipper will be the good option to cut down the fast growing nails. Regular walking, running , playing ball,visiting different places  would help this breed to overcome the tiredness or being shy towards people and other dogs. Like all other small dog breeds , regular dental cleaning from the vet makes them more cleaner.


Toy Fox Terriers are intelligent and active dog breeds.They are the famous circus dog breeds used by clowns which delivers that they are loyal companions. They are active not potential like Jack Russell Terrier. They are naturally tends to help old owners, some how they can sense the need from them and top in class helping them. Dog training from professional can unleash the great potential like being a companion dogs of physically disabled owners, aged owners.

Toy Fox Terrier Photos

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