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Silky Terrier is a short legged dog from Terriers dog family. Long silky grey coat is an identity of this dog breed. Silky long coat hanging and getting partitioned from top center of the body. Historical facts claims that this is the dog breed has been used to hunt small rodents and snakes. This breed requires more substance energy to fit the hunter role. Silky terrier coat requires regular brushing and shampoo bathing to maintain the silkiness of it’s long coat.


Silky Terrier is comes under the breeds which requires daily grooming session from it’s owner which includes soft comb brushing , nail clipping , wax coat removing in both ears, dirt removing from eyes and legs. It is better to get proper grooming advice from professional dog groomers and veterinarian to avoid damage in coat hair and split ends . Mostly you can see this dog breed with black , grey, white,gold coat with combinations.


Silky Terrier aka Australian Silky Terrier breed standard has described about this breed as an active and alert. They love to get chances to play and run along with people. As like as many other dog breed they love to play ball and brisk walk with their owners. This breed make a very adoptable apartment dog. They are loyal and friendly with people.Especially with children. Silky terrier is one of the best indoor dog breeds from small dog breeds list.

Average life span of this dog breed is 11-14 years.

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Silky Terrier Photos

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