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Shih Tzu is onbe of the  toy dog breeds. This is one the dog breeds with long silky hair . This dog breed has a sturdy little body with dark deep eyes. Double coat has soft under and long  silky upper coat which demonstrate him as ‘Show Dog’. Ease are dropped , also covered with long fur. Tail of this dog heavily carried with long fur and curled over the back. Unique feature of this dog is his underbite which is the important consideration of Breed Standard.


The long silky coat , which reaches the floor requires daily brushing to avoid tangles. Their fast growing hair can be smooth and silky by following the daily grooming session and consulting with dog experts also helps the dog owner on make them ready for Dog shows. Often the coat clipped short to simplify care.  The Shih Tzu has a coat color variations that includes shades of gold,white,brown and black.


Shih Tzu has a temperament variation towards dog to dog, though some of the common temperaments are Loyal,affectionate,outgoing and alert. Puppy training and socialization training should have starts from the beginning stage to obey your basic commands. They prone when it comes to training. Shiz Tzu is an excellent dog for watching because of it’s alert nature. This dog  prefer to be close to its companions and not a threatening to strangers. Friendly with people and kids.So they make great family pet dog.

Shih Tzu Dog Photos

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