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Schipperke is one of the small dog breed from ‘Top 25 Small Dog Breeds List’. This is a Belgian breed of dog which is originated from 16th century. Lots of debates happened to finalize this breed into either Spitz or Miniature Sheep Dog.


Schipperke has soft fluffy under coat that is covered by longer outer coat. This dog breed will be able to handle the variations in sudden weather change like most of the double coated dog breeds. They also have longer fur on their hind legs called ‘Culottes’. This breed is black  or blonder with shiny coat. Schipperke puppies are born with tails in different lengths. You can find docked tail Schipperke in Canada and Unites States . The tails usually docked the day after birth.


Schipperke Dog Info is known as  Mischievous, stubborn and head strong . Good in chasing small animals. This dog breed has been referred as ‘Little Small Fox’ . Naturally Schipperke dogs are curious , high energy dogs and requires daily run or walk along with dog owner. Independent and very smart little dog. Loyal , friendly. They can be aggressive with other dog breeds at times. Especially with opposite sex. Easy to train but needs proper dog training from dog trainers.


Schipperke dose not require excessive grooming.  This breed is a moderate shedder. However use a brush which can reach his soft undercoat. Occasional brushing is important to avoid spring fur under buttocks. Also  this will help your dog to be clean without damaged coat hair. Dog owner should take care of fast growing nails and wax formation in ears.

Schipperke Dog Photos

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