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Pug is one of the famous dog breeds all over the world . Short little body with curled tail.This dog breed has glossy coat which comes in variety of colors like fawn , black. Though they are small , they have well developed muscled body.

  • Basically they were from China but popularized in western Europe.
  • In nineteenth century queen Victoria developed a passion for Pugs.
  • They are popular about their companionship
  • Chinese Pug, Dutch Bull dog, Dutch Mastiff, Mini Mastiff, Mops , Carlin are the other names of Pugs.
  • In most of the cases Pugs will not be aggressive so it will be suitable for families and children.
  • Depends on the training and mood from owner , pugs will be happy and playful with family members.
  • Basically they are lazy enough , will be like to take a nap very often.
  • This breed has a name “Shadow” since they follow their owners around and like to stay close to them.
  • Will always expects affection and attention from their owners.
  • They have short coat body which is not much difficult to maintain. Needs weekly soft comb brushing , occasional bath on weekly basis.

Since pug is a small dog breed , you don’t need to worry about the living space for this breed. They can be stubborn. By giving lot of exercise you can bring the energy out of it. They don’t like heat weather. Make sure of the arrangements which can make him cool especially in summer.

Pugs have short coat, so they may shed excessively. In my latest article I have explained about How to Stop Shedding which can be helpful to protect your pug.

Pugs are over eaters. So they can obtain weight very easily. You should avoid giving frequent treats to stop your  pug being over weighted.

Pugs are more adoptable with humans. They have been identified as a apartment dog which wont harm people. Still it’s good to make them socialize with other dogs and neighbors. Do you think your dog is  shy and not ready to mingle with people!  Do not let it continue just like that. Once they become an adult it’s not a easy task to take them away for a walk along with your friends and neighbors dog.

See: How to Overcome Shyness – Socialization Training

We are responsible for our dog’s healthiness. If you really take this point seriously , never buy a puppy from unauthorized breeders. Look for a authorized kennel stores or breeders to get a healthy pug.

Pug Puppies

Pug Puppies are adorable when they reach 4 weeks older. It’s very important to give Noise Training to make them brave enough to face the high decimal sounds when they grow up.

Pugs come in more than one colors, but generally we can see fawn color and short coated one every where. Black pug is quite rare than fawn.

Funny Puppy
Cute Pug playing with ball

Cute right! As a puppy they loves to play and learn. Teaching the right tricks in early stage, may leads them to be a obedient well trained pug. Pugs does not require special training but dog owner should have at least basic knowledge on Dog Training Tricks.

It’s always better to get a baby pugs than an adult. Puppies should know their master and learn from them. If your not ready to train your baby pug then enroll in Dog training program which is must when don’t have a time to do it personally .

Pug puppies are physically small in size which is an advantage to make them do many tricks and exercise. One should not be careless on Dog Obedience Training  to avoid full grown spoiled  pug.


Funny dog Pictures
Funny Pug picture in funny costume
Cute Pictures of Sleeping Puppies
Cutest Pug Puppy sleeping in funny position

Baby Pug Black Pug pugs Pug dog pug puppies

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  1. The breed made its way to Japan and Europe, where it not only became a pet of royalty but the official dog of the House of Orange in Holland.

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