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The Pekingese is very old and ancient dog breed from the history. Almost 2000 years old. But it does not changed much from the time. Still expectations from modern dog breeders and dog show judges is expecting a long haired Pekingese than traditional spaniel type coated pekingese. Flat face but big black eyes are identical characteristics of this breed.It has a durable body. Short dog breed. One of the very ancient breed from the small dog breeds category.


Loyal, Friendly, Affectionate, Courageous, lovely , Companionable. Pekingese temperament based on many factors which includes training,socialization.Pekingese Puppies are very playful and likes to get caressed by people. They have charming personality. They will approach you to get on field and play with them. Generally likes to take only one master. Based on your band with pekingese puppies, you will be the one.

Let them play and socialize with your neighbors , family members and other dogs. They are not selfish, they would like to take a part in your life and make it happier with their presence.

Find your time for your dog. Pekingese will be affected mentally when you don’t have a time for them. Enroll in any dog training program or dog socialization program to make them more ease for this society.Or if you want to do it all by yourself! fine, take them to dog parks where they can get along with many other dog breeds. Take a side walk on the busy road where they can see people and hear vehicles noise which can be helpful to overcome their fear towards high decimal noise.


Since its a special show dog breed , owner needs to do daily brushing to keep it’s coat silky and presentable. It requires the trip to the groomer every 8-12 weeks. It important to remove dirt from the eyes daily. Owners also need to be focus on keeping and maintaining the fur in buttocks of the Pekingese. This breed is prone to having heatstroke when exposing to high temperatures. So dog owner needs to keep this breed cool.

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