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Appearance & Behaviors

The Papillon is an intelligent and matured dog breed from the smallest dog breeds family. Can be  mingle with people that includes strangers. Generally reserved around new people as like all other dogs. This breed is unpredictable. At times it can be strange and aggressive other dogs and people. Playful, affectionate, companionable , loyal towards their owners. Due to his highly energetic nature , they need regular augmented exercise. They love to run along with affectionate owner and love to sleep on their arms.


  • Papillon is a happy , friendly, adventurous dog. Not shy and aggressive.
  • Papillon puppies are active but fragile. Handling this breed is quite hard. You should not allow your kids to do rough play with papaillon puppies. Otherwise they are mingle type.
  • They are sensitive to medical drugs. So please consult the impacts with your veterinarian before you go for any surgery.
  • It’s an important point for all dog owners. Do you fond of any particular foreign dog breed and you want to buy that dog breed! For an instance take Paplillon.Never ever go with some cheap options. Always contact the best breeders in your local and consult the pro’s  and cons about the breed. Will that breed be suitable for your needs , many more like that.
  • While selecting papillon puppies you should be very careful.Because some breed lines of papillons are nervous, timid. Better to avoid such a puppies.

Life Span

Average life span of this dog breed 12-14 years . But they can live up to 17 years.

Height : 8 – 12 inches

Weight : 5 -10 pounds

Care for your Dog

Papillon dog is categorized as a lap dog. They are good house dogs, mostly not suitable backyard life. But like all other dog breeds they love to play in the yard. They are very active inside your house.Running here and there and making a holes in your furniture is their first job inside your house. To prevent this, you should take them to proper Dog training program.

In my previous article I have explained  20 Dog training tips to make an obedient dog . Refer this to make them obedient inside your house. It’s very important to make the rules when they are puppy and make them practice that on daily basis will help you to make a wonderful papillon.

Generally they love to be in group. They will play with other dog breeds or same breed with out any hesitation. So papillon is a good dog breed if you like to have more than one dog inside your house.

Make sure your taking them to daily walk, sometime in jogging along with you. They love to come out with you especially in early morning. This process can be very helpful for your dog to develop healthy digestion.


Papillon is the good lap dog breed which is suitable for house. They are fragile. Handling soft will make them better. They need proper dog training and socialization training. They can the best company inside your house.

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