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Norwich Terrier is a small dog breed from Terrier family. Small and cute in nature. Adorable terrier breed. Originated from United Kingdom. Bred to hunt to small vermin and rodents. Average life span of Norwich terrier is 12-14 years. This breed is one of the smallest terrier dog.Double coated body and prick ears which is commonly in red, tan,wheaten, black.


They are small in size but courageous , affectionate and intelligent.  Typically they are not aggressive but assertive. They are energetic , brisk on field. Love to play.Norwich terriers are always hungry. They will eat anytime. Eager to please , but behave their own mind at times. Sensitive ,still they are terriers.


Norwich terrier is a double coat breed. Harsh , wiry top coat and soft , warm under coat. Soft comb will not help. Better to use steel comb once in a week to prevent dear hair coat.Owner hand strip the coat on regular basis to keep it like ‘rolling’ coat where hairs of all length are growing in.Maintaining a rolling coat is easier on ¬†our dog skin and requires shorter grooming session from dog owner.

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