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Norfolk Terrier is one of the small dog breeds from terrier family.  British dog breed. Recognized in 1960. This breed considered as a variety of Norwich Terrier . Average life span of this breed 14-17  years.


Playful, Lovable, Self-Confidence , Fearless, Happy, Companionable , Spirited . They are identified as fearless, but can be aggressive. Norfolk Terriers must get along with other dogs. As a good companions they love people , kids and do make good family pet. As along with Border Terriers , Norwich Terriers , have the softest temperaments.


The Norfolk Terrier has wire haired coated body which has all combination of red, wheaten, black and tan. Remarkably they are smallest of the working terriers. Active and compact , free moving and good substance and bone. A too heavy dog would  not be agile. A too refined dog would make it toy dog breed. Norfolk Terriers generally have strong  rear angulation.

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