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Manchester Terrier is the slightly taller than the standard height. Still added to the list top 25 small dog breeds. This breed has smooth and soft coated body is predominantly covered with black and tan coat combination.Typical dog breed from Terriers family. Short legs , athletic strength. This breed has looks alike miniature version of Doberman Pinscher. The Kennel Club has identified the Manchester Terrier in the Terrier group and the closely related English Toy Terrier in the Toy Dog breeds Group.


Manchester Terrier has a short coat which does not require daily grooming session. Occasional grooming would help them to be physically clean. Weekly coat brushing, Shampoo bathing are the keys to make their coat shiny. They are playful. They require lots of substantial exercise like routine walking, running. Otherwise they will not cost your time on grooming.


Like all other Terrier group Manchester Terriers are active and alert. Energetic , playful. Good in helping their owners. Especially old owners. They are watchful. Loyal and friendly with people.They need Dog Socialization training to get along with other dog breeds. Bringing them to different places and people will help them to be more friendly with an environment. They requires lots of running exercise. Manchester Terrier has been identified as a hunter of small rodents and small snakes from historical facts about them. Originated from England.Easy to train. Average life span of this breed is 12-14 years.

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