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Japanese Chin is also known as Japanese Spaniel. Originated from Japan. Average life span of this small dog breed is 12-14  years. Good companion dog. Alert, loyal, intelligent, friendly , loving, independent dog breed from spaniel dog family.

Small in size , silky soft coated body. These types of dogs loves to run along with their owners and other dog breeds. Since it is small , japanese chin is not a threat on dog grooming.

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Japanese Chin Key Characteristics

  • This breed used to lick it’s paws which makes a look they are groomed already.
  • They does not require a long grooming session from you. They are average shedder.
  • Japanese Chin do not handle heat well. It needs a special attention on summer.
  • Japanese Chin is one of the best apartment dog breeds.
  • As like all other breeds, they expect an interactive training session from you.
  • They are good with matured children since they often become intolerable with small kids.
  • Still they are the better companion dogs.
  • They are not the type which required a daily exercise, but they love to walk with you every single day.

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