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Pomeranian is one of the cutest small dog breed in the world. People quite fond of cute dog breeds . They are adorable, catchy , likable, lovable pets. They are not only that. All dog breeds are capable of many thing and has an unique personality and characteristics. below article will help you to understand more about the cute Pomeranian dog breed.


Pomeranian is a compact , short-backed ,active toy dog breed. This dog breed has double coat body which covered by soft under coat with pro-fused harsh textured longer outer coat. Tail has a heavily plumed hair which is one of the important characteristic of this breed. Alert in nature, quick enough to chase and escape.Fluffy soft body. He’s sound in composition and action.

Nutrition & Food

Pomeranian is a small dog breed. Depending on the size of your dog breed dog owners can select the dog food types and nutrition method. Every dog needs their unique digestive needs  which relies on various dog nutrition methodology. Many dog food companies have breed specific  food formula for small, medium, large dog breeds. Pedigree is one of the leading dog food providers all over the world who’s following breed specific, age specific dog food formula’s. It is better to avoid too much of Non-vegetarian food which added spice,sugar,salted  and other ingredients. Pomeranian is not a always hungry dog breed. Make a proper schedule to provide healthy food for your dog and stick to the plan every single day.

Grooming & Care

Pomeranian is one of the dog breed which needs regular weekly grooming session. Occasional bath will help your dog be clean and healthy. Grooming is an art. Also grooming your dog will create a greater bond between you and your dog. Dog owner should take care of the fast growing nails . Use proper dog nail clipper to cut down the unnecessary sharp nail. Do it on weekly basis. Pomeranian is playful. Owner should be aware of the dirt in his eyes and ears. If you find any small bug during your grooming session immediately consult with your veterinarian. It is advisable to brush his teeth’s very often to avoid bad breathing and infectious licking possibilities.

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