Border Terrier Puppies

Border Terrier Puppies Temperament

Border Terrier Puppies are  Highly trainable, energetic.Stubborn at times. They need commanding officer who can keep them busy always. Good for family environment.Border Terriers are good in finding things. They will find things which  you might have searched a lot but failed to find. They observe every small things. Typical breed from Terriers family. Their energy level is remarkable. They love to learn. Dogs from terriers family are generally good in tracking. Alert and active. Barking is how they give alert to their owners.

Border Terriers Grooming

Border Terriers are small in size. They have small curly coat which makes them shed a lot. They requires a weekly grooming time to avoid tangled sets of sick coat.

Border Terrier Puppy Video

Recently  I watched a video of Border Terrier puppy playing with its owner with super super energy level and excitement. I decided to share it with you all.  You would love this !

Border Terrier Puppies Photos

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