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Black and Tan CoonHound Temperament

Primarily known as a hunting dog. Also Black and Tan CoonHound Puppies can make  a wonderful family pet. They always respect family very much.Good listeners, black and tan coonhound puppies are mischievous, even though if your are try to stop, they will chew off your furniture legs. Some times they will occupy your sofa space also. They are easy go with children and other dog breeds.  They have good prey on the animals they hunt. Tracking, guarding and hunting is the primary reason why this dog breed is famous in its own working dogs category.

Generally they love to go outside and play on the wide green lawn. They are loyal and responsible. You can totally rely on this dog breed on guarding your house , farm and kids.

Black and Tan CoonHound Training

Black and Tan CoonHound Puppies are moderate learners. Moderately easy to train.  Based on the effective Dog Training they learn fast or slow.

Black and Tan CoonHound Grooming

Black and Tan CoonHound Dog has a shiny medium length coat. So comparatively it requires less grooming.  They got similar color combination of Doberman Pinscher and Rottweiler 


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