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Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament

Bernese Mountain dog is a famous family dog breed. They bred to be the farmer’s companion dog. Generally, they like single master from the house. Loyal, they are friendly, love to please you. Known for their intelligence. Even they can compete with their intelligence. So they need more exercise to strengthen their physical and mental power. Easy go with family and kids, but aloof with strangers. It is important to introduce your friends,family and neighbors. Early socialization helps this breed to become more social friendly. This dog breed is ¬†built it machine. They have strong, heavy bone legs. They can work for you more than hours. Generally, they love to jog along with you. Comparatively they don’t prefer fetching. It is good to take them out for more exercise.

Bernese Mountain Dog Training

Bernese Mountain Dog is highly trainable. Taking this breed out side walk and train them with patience will be the most effective way of Dog Training.

Bernese Mountain Dog Grooming

This breed sheds a lot since thety have long silky, thick double coat body. Dog Shampoo suggested by vets will be useful to avoid tangled blocks in coat. Healthy supplements like Pedigree adult and puppy flavors is added advantage to grow new healthy coat.

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