Belgian Tervuren Puppies

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Belgian Tervuren Temperament

Belgian Tervuren Dog is highly trainable, energetic, loyal dog breed. Easily mingle with family members, especially kids. They love to play always, also very good workers. They love to learn. This breed can take care of your place from strangers, other dog breeds. They are good in guarding. Generally they love to run and stretch some exercise. So they will be your great companions during your morning jog or walk. Do not let them feel bore , the cost will be your sofa or backyard. They will dig a hole in your backyard when they feel bore. Good observant. Based on the origin and breed temperament, they will be a slight variation in behaviors. If you prefer your Tervuren to be a mild one , you can mold. However, all types will need your attention.

Belgian Tervuren Grooming

Belgian Tervuren has a long double coat. So shedding will be excessive in this breed. Nail clipping, weekly bath will  help them to be healthy and active.

Belgian Tervuren Puppies Training

Belgian Tervuren Puppy is highly trainable. natural quick learners.

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