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Belgian Sheep Dog Temperament

Belgian Sheep Dog is a famous high energetic, versatile dog breed. Also this breed is known for it’s protective capabilities. Loyal, friendly, attached with family, easy go with children. From the historic statements, this breed have been used to protect farms and farm animals. One of the well known guard dog breeds. Highly trainable, quick learner, love to play , they are much more than a family pet. This breed is a star in being friendly with other farm animals like goats, chickens, cows,ducks. Natural socialized manners makes the breed best out of their own kind. Belgian Sheep Dog have been included in working dog breeds category based on the show test, temperament. They will take care of house when you are not around.

This breed has thick black upper coat which protects them from the variations in weather. But they love to play on the field. So there are lot of chances of skin allergies, excessive shedding.  I’ve explained How to Stop Excessive Shedding in my previous articles. This will be useful to stop it. But it is always better to consult with your vet before you take decision when it comes to your dog.

Belgian Sheep Dog Grooming

Belgian Sheep Dog is a heavy Shedder. Based on his work nature they shed lot of hair.  Weekly bath, combing the tangled hair will be helpful to reduce it. But proper food diet, exercise are the other key points to stop the shedding more than 80%.


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