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Adorable Bedlington Terrier Puppies

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Bedlington Terrier Temperament

Bedlington Terrier is a affectionate dog breed. They mingle with family and people. Love to play with kids. Obey their masters. His physical appearance is quite different from other terriers dogs. He love to jog and walk along with you. It will be the good exercise for him. The look of this dog breed is quite clownish. Body covered with spring coat. Normally this dog breed is not very sound but they got an excellent protective instincts. Easily they will approach you when something is not right. One of the best thing about Bedlington Terrier is they are extremely good with kids.Socialization Training will be required since there is lot of chances for fight when other dogs challenge him. Otherwise its a wonderful family dog breed.

Bedlington Terrier Dog Grooming

This breed has a spring coat all over the body.It is quite difficult to maintain the curly coat, but still with proper grooming experts it will give show look.


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