Beauceron Puppies

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Beauceron Puppies

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Beauceron Temperament

Beauceron is  self confident dog breed. Fearless,loyal,intelligent. Bit shy and aloof with strangers but easy go with children. Protective nature makes this breed as guards. Family dog breed. This breed has a look alike Rottweiler and Doberman Pinscher. Generally these three dog breeds are born with black with red coat. Also all these three has an amazing protective instincts , so that they make Best Dog Breeds for Protection. Beauceron is an active dog breed. Would love to play around on field and water. Daily jog or walk will help him to be stable physically and Easy to train.

Beauceron Grooming

Though , they have short length coat comparatively, they shed a lot. Vaccine at proper months is very important. Soft comb will make the best output.

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