Bearded Collie Puppies

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Bearded Collie Puppies

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Bearded Collie Temperament

Bearded Collie is a friendly dog breed. Very good companion dog breed. Out going , independent, loyal. This dog breed loves to play in the open field. Always likes to listen to their loved ones. They have excellent listening skills , but it will go up to the mark , when you give proper training. Generally Dog Training is not that hard. Actually it is your daily amount of time you spend with bearded collie to teach some basics actions.

They are independent dog breeds. They will decide by themselves , also gets distraction. Better not to force them to do something. Patience will help you a lot to be a best friend with your dog. But they are intelligent dog breed. Easily they will learn.

Bearded Collie Grooming

Bearded Collie has a long coat which needs grooming very often. Weekly grooming will help your dog to avoid tangled sick coat problem.

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