Dogs Underwater Photos

Dogs Underwater Photos

Dogs are good swimmers , which may not surprise you .But Have you ever seen them  while dogs underwater  swimming. Sounds cool right. Underwater dogs can be able to see the objects better than human, So when they swim or dive in to the pool or river or may be sea , it’s cake walk […]

Top 10 Big Dog Breeds

Top 10 Big Dog Breeds There are more than 150 dog breeds has identified officially based on their standards, origin,temperaments and skills. Generally they are categorized as three major categories that’s based on their size and look. 1. Small Dog Breeds 2. Medium Dog breeds 3. Large Dog Breeds The proven fact 70% of dog […]

How to Train Your Dog to Overcome Shyness

Do you feel your dog or puppy feels shy of strangers or afraid of people or certain situations , objects !Don’t you know how to train your dog! You might be confused whether it’s natural or your dog only behaving like this when situation comes. It is very natural for dogs to be shy with […]

House Train a Dog – Eliminating Problem

House train a dog is more difficult than you think. You must keep your patience until they learn your commands and training. Especially about House training , you should be very careful since your adult dog is not easy to handle.  There is a thought , you cannot make your dog obey your commands once […]

Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds Information

10.Dalmatian Dalmatians are very eye catchy breed in the world . Black spots on white body can easily make you to believe that they are cute and adorable. It may not entirely true, since Dalmatians has been declared as one of the dangerous breed. They are protective by nature and very loyal to their owners. […]

Top 10 Dangerous Dogs Breeds List

Dogs are commonly very friendly and impressionable. They have their affection towards owner and people. Still they are dogs. Nature of dog depends on so many reasons like Breed, origin etc. Depends on this various factors , some of the dog breeds been classified as Dangerous Dogs Apart from what they learn from their owners […]