Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Dog?

Dogs are the best human companions in many ways. 80% of pet lovers prefers a pet dog than any other pets. Why do they love dogs ? What makes them so lovable! What are all the common behaviors of dogs? Why a pet lover should have a dog ? I am explaining the “The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Dog?” in this article.

Best Companions

Best Companion Dogs

Dogs are naturally loyal,friendly,lovable. People who does not aware of dogs nature and behaviors may have several reasons to avoid them in their life.But in most cases dogs are like human being.In such a case they are better than us.Dog develops a natural bond with a person who is bringing him home for the first time as a puppy. They do remember your face,smell,activities,tone of voice almost everything about you. They love the person unconditionally who takes care of him.They obey the commands from the family which provides a shelter,food,care,love. As days rolls on they will become your best companions.They do tail wagging when you come back from stressful work schedule. They will lick you off to death and makes you forget your worries for a minute at least.They defend your enemies with out fear. Dogs follow you as your own shadow ,where ever you go ,you will find your dog stood by your side which is the form of best companionship.

Guardian Angels

Guard Dog
German Shepherd

God may not be with you but your dog does all the time you need. Dogs having a natural protective instinctive temperament towards strangers,other dogs. You will hear the your cute friend’s siren every often when a stranger approach you or your family members. They will become terrific when they have to defend your enemies.Dogs are loyal companions. They love all of your family members. When your family members ,relations visits your home they wont be violent by understanding your actions with them.Yes, they can feel your love towards other people. They can protect you from anything that tries to attack or threatens you.Even if you want your baby to be safe from small insects , dogs will do that for you since they have a better visions than human being,especially in nights.Some of the dog breeds has been classified for protection. An article about Top 10 Dog Breeds for Protection will help you to pick your needful choice.

They will bear your Cross

Cattle Dogs
Cattle Dogs

Dogs are easy to train for a purpose. There are several dog breeds which purposefully bred to be a working companions for humans. Find the Dog Breeds Which Can Work For You. They can be helpful in sharing your daily  routine works like fetching your daily newspapers ,baby sitting your new born baby, Walks along with you bearing your vegetable basket. Shepherd dog breeds like German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd can be the best protectors of your home and land and other belongings.

They Will Represent Your Effort

Dogs in Dog Shows Photo
Dogs in Dog Shows Photo

Dogs are meant to be helpful companions in several ways. They can represent you effort towards training them in to a Super dogs. Yes, a true dog lover will put his effort to unleash the power of his loyal cute friend. Dog Training is very essential to make them obey your command , make them work for you. It can be helpful on other way around. Some of the dog breeds have been classified  as a Show Dogs. Show dogs are the combination of elegant look,extraordinary discipline. As long as they like your training methods , they can deliver the best in dog shows. They will make you proud in front of thousands of people.


St.Bernard the savior
St.Bernard the savior

Many of the dog owners are not aware of what their dog is capable of. Dogs can be your life saviors in many cases. dog owners who climbs a  mountain need a helpful hand to survive a critical situations. St.Bernard is one of the Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds which involved in saving many lives around arctic and antarctic trekking places. They are huge enough to bear a human body and carry them to safer zone. Alaskan Malamute are the dogs which lives in north and south Arctic and Antarctic poles. This breed will be helpful in different manner such as Packing , Weight pulling, Sledding, Racing.

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