Top 5 Most Popular Dog Breeds In The World

Many of us(dog lovers) want to have the best dog breed in the world! It gives the pride. There are plenty of dog breeds which makes your life happier, easier and fulfill the void in your life. But some dog breeds are so popular that every dog lover has already heard of them, watched them walking with their owners or lives with them.

In fact, even a person who does not have a pet dog will name out this dog breeds. The Most Popular Dog Breeds in the world can be found in dog shows, homes and even as routine workers in your house and all other fields.

The Most Popular Dog Breeds In The World list contains 5 famous and efficient dog breeds. Find the dog breeds below and why they are the most popular dog breeds.

5. Beagle


Beagle is a famous dog breed. Do you remember the film Shiloh! Beagle breed was used in the movie. Anyone can easily pick this breed by seeing their appearance itself. The have those cute puppy eyes, adorable ears, short legs with make them more active here and there and perfect cute appearance with different colors on a coat. They are very soft nature dog breeds with a great nose. They are Scenthounds which helps people to track and find things during the hunt or search.

Beagles are easily trainable and all these traits make them the perfect choice for working in airports around the world. Friendly nature helps not to frighten people, their great sniffing power can find unlawful goods even in the crowded airport. The United States has used beagle in 1980 to find unlawful food products being brought into Los Angles. Beagles are so successful still they are in the use of finding illegal stuff on 20 international airports in the US

4. Poodle


You might have seen this fancy dog breed Poodle in many dog shows. They were the show toppers from the time they classified. Poodle keeps the title of Most Popular Dog Breed in the US for last 20 years. This fancy hairdo is for Show nowadays, but Poodles are bred to be waterfowl hunters. Their fur would be cut short in places to prevent from stuck in underwater debris and also left along in some places to protect them from cold water.

Poodle is one of the intelligent dog breeds too. They have been identified for their learning skills and circus performers used them during the act. Their fur is fully accessible to make the best appearance for dog shows. Friendly and intelligent and still rising in the rank of Smartest and Mos Popular dog breeds.

3. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Personally I will vote for German Shepherd because I own one female German Shepherd called Steny.

German Shepherds are famous for their sniffing power and guard nature. Their basic territorial instincts towards strangers make them a savior in many real time cases.

This breed kept his status as one of the ten most popular dog breeds in the united states. With proper dog training, you man makes this breed do anything. They are still working as police dogs, an assistance of disabled, military dogs, therapy dogs, rescue dogs, unlawful goods tracking dogs  and herding dogs.

German Shepherds are very loyal to one. Making them socialized will help to mingle with other humans and dog breeds. But like I’ve mentioned before they make excellent guard dogs with this. They are natural when to find the odd. The german shepherd is the worst nightmare if an intruder tries to break into your house.

2. Bull Dog


Bull dog has it’s unique look which draws the appearance to be remembered by anyone.  People who familiar about Bulldogs can spell out the secret that they are very friendly in nature. They love kids.

How many of you watched The Game Plan, starring Dwayne Johnson(aka The Rock) in a lead role. In which bulldog played a supportive role. You will be able to find how friendly nature they are when it comes to children. They are so generous and loves to take your attention.

The Bulldog was bred in England from Mastiff dogs. They are very pleasant tempered breeds since the patient breeders preferred them in that way. The Bulldogs are sensitive to extreme temperatures. They are deep sleepers and snore while sleeping peacefully. After all still they hold the name as one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Their unique look gives the audience a clear picture of its popularity.

1.  Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Have yo ever had one Labrador Retriever! Or got a chance to play with him! Yes! Then probably you know what I am gonna say.  This one has all the great qualities. They are good for families and being a part of extremely smart dogs, guard dogs, companion dogs, friendly dogs, apartment dogs, police dogs  military dogs and herding dogs.

Hollywood helped him to become famous than all other a-z dog breeds. Yes. Marley & Me is one if the finest dog based Hollywood films after Hachiko – The dog’s tale. But this is not the entire story. They bred to be working dog breeds. You can simply notice their fond of water. Since they originated from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, where they assisted fishermen on their ships. They can fetch ropes and catch the fish which loop off from the net.

Nowadays they are not exactly helping fishermen but still they are working as police dogs, an assistance of disabled, military dogs, therapy dogs, rescue dogs, unlawful goods tracking dogs  and herding dogs. One of the finest hunting dogs breeds. Their keen pleasant manner make them great at working with humans. They are not great as a watchdog since they are the Most Popular dog breeds in the world.


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