Top 5 Mistakes New Dog Owners Make

People love Dogs. Many of them loves to have one at home. It’s not a difficult to bring a furry cute little puppy to home. But it’s very important why you brought that cute little thing to home ? 9 out of 10 would answer that they are cute and beautiful. Is that the only thing you consider , then your making a big mistake as new dog owner. Find out the Top 5 Mistakes New Dog Owners Make.

1. Go Off Cute

Siberian Husky Puppy“Look, How cute he is” is the sentence will come out of your mouth when your about to pick your puppy. Studies says 9 out of 10 dog owners considers appearance of the dog breed. However dogs are not only cute faces, they have a great personality traits and exercise needs that typically go along with their breed and a smart dog owner chooses their dog based on these factors, not looks. For an instance a dog owners who could spend very less time in home, should not buy Siberian Husky which needs an hour running and walking in daily basis. So Choose wisely, before you bring your dog home be success as a smart dog owner.

2. Assuming “What you see is what you get”

Many good heart people often go to the shelter and pick out a puppy ,assuming the personality they see right there and then decide the dog they will have for life. It’s important to know that puppies go through fear periods, hormone changes and environmental changes that will determine her personality as an adult.

Making the mistake of assuming the dog is going to be calm, quiet because he was shy and reserved when you met first, can set you up a big disappointment when he gets comfortable and starts bouncing off the walls.

When you consider a puppy , gain more about her parents and ask the breeder about temperaments and past litters to get an idea of what the puppy might be like as an adult dog. With a rescue dog, get as much information as you can pay attention to the breed, that can help you to determine the personality too.

3. House Rules

Dogs are responsible naturally. You can 100% output from your dog by providing proper training to them. People often bring a dog home and unleash them inside. However dogs has its own nature of behaviors. When they start messing around, you feel bad and finally end up punishing your dog. We allow him to do something for a couple of weeks ,then change the house rules and decide we don’t want him to it anymore. This causes the major confusion and sets the dog up for failure.

So before you bring your dog home, sit with your family members and decide what the dog will do and don’t inside your home. Carefully choose where the dog will sleep, when it will be fed, walked,exercised and by whom. Setting up the rules and making sure everyone follows them is a big key to success.  House Training Guide  will be helpful to have a happy family with your dog.

4. Inconsistency

Once you set up the house rules , FOLLOW THEM! This is applicable to your friends, family members, house keepers and to all who has frequent contact with your dog. It’s important to realize your purpose of having a dog with you. Be careful with the head counts with whom your dog is getting along every day. Your dog needs to follow your commands. Following the house rules will make you successful as new dog owner.

5. Believing “Baby” is too young to learn

New puppy owners often getting this question . When can we start training like sit and stand, Hand shake etc. Common mindset of puppy owners is they’re too young to learn. But the fact is by the time you get your pup at 8 weeks , they are fully capable of learning behaviors and it should be from the moment they set first foot in your house. It will lead your dog to a well behave dog.

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