Dogs of Roman Bath Spa – Popular Dog Breeds in UK

This is one of the special post from my personal experience. My visit to Roam Bath Spa , United Kingdom.  Name of the place might covey the meaning. Actually it is very famous for its natural spring water pool which has been used by the ancient roman emperors. Really very nice place ti visit. But purpose my visit has diverted while roaming around in the streets of Bath.

I saw numerous people walking around here and there with their beautiful dog breeds. Suddenly, a dog lover inside me woke up and decided to give a list of popular dog breeds in UK to Doglers readers. Immediately I took out my mobile phone and captured the dog photo(Actually, cursed myself of not bringing my camera along with me ) Still I took a photo of the dog. To my surprise, I noticed many variety of dog breed enjoying their day with kids and owners.

Next moment, my legs started following them automatically. I have informed my friends that we will assemble in this place after an hour then I left the spot. Actually Bath is a very nice place to have a family time with your kids and pets. Amazing landscapes, enormous green fields, wonderful weather will make you forget your problems. 20 minutes of my exploration of finding the dogs, I succeeded finally on  Victoria park. For a minute, that park seems to be a heaven to me. All over the park , Dogs are the only thing I saw. Such a beautiful place. Kudos to me …

Initially I had a shy feeling of taking pictures of the dogs, Then I started talking with the dog owners and people to take a picture of them and their dogs. Of course , I had a very nice conversation about what they are thinking about their dogs. Really useful to me. Many of them allowed me to play with their dog breeds. Wonderful feeling to play with those cute angels.

Dog Breeds Spotted in Bath Spa

Now, I have the clear idea of common dog breed in Swindon and Bath Spa. I was very excited that I will share the list of popular dog breeds in UK . Here it goes

  1.  Yorkshire Terrier 
  2. English Springer Spaniel
  3. Golden Retriever 
  4. American Staffordshire Terrier
  5. Briard
  6. Cavalier king charles spaniel
  7. Boxer
  8. Labrador Retriever

Dog Photos Captured in Bath Spa

Sorry fellas, as I’ve mentioned above, all of them was captured in movements and in mobile. Clarity may not be so good. Still I would love to share them with you.


Sometimes, Its all worthy to spend some money on a trip to find what you love. It was an amazing experience to talk with people who have a sma e taste like me and various  different  thoughts and culture of having a dog as a pets. Over all its totally worth it to travel around the world to see what you are and to get what you love.

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