Pope Francis Meets Dogs during White House Visit

Pope Meets Dogs in White HousePop Meets Dogs in White House
Pope Meets Dogs in White House

Some times history needs an event or news which is mismatched with it’s category. Dont’t worry, we are not going to discuss anything about history or politics either. Here it’s all about dogs. It’s an important news which happened on this Wednesday when Pope Francis visited first dogs Sunny and Bo when he visited the most protected house in this world ” White House”.

Pope Francis made sure he greeted their Portuguese Water Dogs which was an uncharacteristic papal move.As we already know that this man far modern than his predecessors,particularly when it comes to dogs.

People realized that he like dogs based on some events he involved and dealt with dogs. He once personally requested to meet a journalist’s dog and bless her.Also he celebrated his 77th birthday with three homeless men and one of the men’s dog. And last year he was consoling a little boy who had lost his dog by saying:

“One day we will see our animals again in eternity of Christ.Paradise is open to all god’s creatures”

This special picture has been captured by White House Photographer Pete Souza.

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