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When I came across the web last week, I found a beautiful blog which is completely loaded with high quality photos dogs from A-Z . Literally I stopped moving away from the blog and started admiring the quality of the dog blog. Then my focus went to the URL to bookmark the blog , when another awesome idea popped in my head to share the blog details with my readers , so here I am to brief about the wonderful dog blog The Dogist

The Dogist
The Dogist Blog Home Page


Main purpose of this blog is to capture the beauty of dogs. The Dogist was created in 2013. It is  Newyork based blog. Some of the crew members from the dogist traveled around 30 cities including Boston,Washington,DC, New Orleans, Portland ,San Francisco.

Passion is the key of this blogs success. Elias is the master mind behind this awesome photos of all kind of dogs.  All these stunning high quality dog photos have been captured in his Nikon D750.

One of the hidden feature of this blog is Dog Names .  Photos of dogs has more than photo. Confusing !  Elias might not only captured the images. He collected the information of dogs such as dog breed name,  name of the dog , address where he took the photo. That’s all. Simple but powerful.

I hope this post will be useful for all dog lovers. Kindly share it with your friends and people.

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