Dog Coat Types

Know About Coat Types

A dog’s coat is a well sign proof of it’s healthy well-being. Dog coat not only covers it’s head but entire body. Dog skin and coat are two things that separates their entire anatomy. The first physical contact that human makes with a dog is with it’s coat then skin. Dog coat should’ve get more attention like as a clean glass which is transparent to this world to reveal the beauty.

If the coat is unduly rough or the skin overly flaky , that’s the clear sign that something is wrong with that dog. Dog’s unhealthy coat can be the direct factor that may affect a dog’s  life span depleted.

Dog Coat Types

You may have a  Yorkshire Terrier or a Boston Terrier or Giant Schnauzer , they all derives same basic canine bone  and muscle structure . All dogs are members of the canine species.But a man created a controlled environment by providing specific characteristics of the domestic dog through controlled breeding. Based on this we have 165 American Kennel Club recognized breeds. These numbers only include pure breeds. Mixed breeds, rare breeds has been excluded from this list.

Smooth Coated

Smooth coat is  clean and odor free coat. They are close to the body.Smooth coat is  stiff enough to avoid summer shedding. They are small and fit with the skin layer.Extreme hot or long period of cold can cause a problem to smooth coated dog breeds.

Some smooth coated breeds are : Bosten Terriers ,Doberman Pinscher,Chihuahuas, Bulldogs, Boxers,Whippets,Pointers.

Short Coated

This coat type is having short hair sets close to the body. But compatible to many weather conditions.Short coat breeds may face some difficulties in facing weather during summer. It’s good to take your dog to vet on this period. Use doctor suggested shampoos to avoid excessive shedding .

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Some short coated breeds are : Pugs, Beagles,Labrador Retrievers, Rottweilers

Double Coated

Double coat has a harsh outer guard coat and a thick,soft down under coat. They can handle a frequent weather change. Their double coated body will protect their skin from summer heat and winter cold. Also this double can be a threat to your dog in many ways. You may have to face excessive dog shedding,dog, small dog skin bugs which will make your dog’s healthy coat in to ugly trash. Dog owner should be very careful on your dog’s skin and coat if you have a double coated dog breed.

Some double coated breeds are: German Shepherd,Akita,Siberian Husky, Pomeranian

Heavy Coated

You can relate heavy coat with double coat but heavy coated breeds have long,thick,silky coat and short ,smooth coat. Obvious problem with heavy coat is, they mats and tangles often that can make an infected skin. It is advisable to brush the long silky coat weekly twice to avoid such a problems. Profuse shedding can be happen during the weather changes.

Some heavy coated breeds are: Pekingese,Chow Chow,Newfoundland

Silky Coated

The silky coat has long, silky coat and short ,smooth coat like heavy coated dog breeds. Here they have a short and tight coat on the face .Also you can find the  same short coat in front side of the legs.Body have a short coat where tail has a long and silky coat. This must be brushed regularly to avoid coat mats and tangles.

Some Silky coated breeds are : All setters and spaniels like Cocker spaniel,English Springer Spaniel,Cavalier King Charles 

Curly and Wavy Coated

The curly or wavy coat is very soft and wavy or curly . Generally non shedding. Like all other coats , it should be brushed regularly to avoid tangles. This type of coat required trimming to make a show and bath very often to avoid shedding profusely.

Some Curly or Wavy coated breeds are: Old English Sheep Dogs, Irish Water Spaniels, Poodles, Bichon Frises



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