7 Things You Should Consider Before Buy A Dog !

Cute puppyDo you feel happy when you see dogs !! Do you have a plan to get one ?! Of course you like dogs. So what’s next? Getting a cute puppy and start raising it!!

Hold on.. Hold your horses.. 80% of dog lovers making the same mistake. Based on my experience with dogs I realized raising a dog is not as easy as we think.

So here I came up with 7 points you should consider of think of it before you buy a dog.

7 Things You Should Consider before you buy a dog

  1. Ask this question to yourself twice “Why do you need dog ? “. If your answer can’t justify , better take some time to think of getting a dog. Parent’s will do anything to make their children happy. When a kid wants to play with a dog or likely to get one , it can be the temporary desire. Before proceeding further parents should make sure that somebody will be there to take care of your dog even though your child is not ready to play with your pet dog anymore.
  2. Some of us may clear on why do we need pet dog in our house ! But are you sure which dog breed will make a perfect pet and fit for your expectations! Have a time to research about dog breeds which can be suitat for your place and weather. Consult with a dog expert before you buy a dog.
  3. Some of the dog breeds like Rottweiler’s , Pit bull , Persa Canario needs to be extremely trained in dog socialization. Else they may create problems with your neighbors. Be sure on dog breed selection and select a friendly dog breed which can be easily trained to socialize with people and other dogs.
  4. Are you a travel person or your business always keeps you stay away from your home! ┬áThink who will feed your dog and be with him when your not home. Dogs can’t be alone. Isolated dogs can be affected mentally which can be lead them to bite their owners. Make sure you can have time for your dog on daily basis. Then proceed.
  5. Average life span of dogs 14 – 17 years. How this information relates to the topic. Of course it is. Raising a dog is a long term process. If you have an idea of moving to some other cities or countries better wait until your migration to new place. Dogs are sensitive. They like to stay in a same place they got used to. Keep this in mind.
  6. Buying a dog is easy but taking care of it is quite responsible process. Feeding them, arranging comfortable shelter, walk them for socialization, take them for monthly vaccination requires real love and dedication. Can’t you do that ! Then better don’t get one. Because when a Puppy enters your home for the first time the faces they see are the family for them till their life end. They will depend on you . Make sure you will be there when your dog needs you.
  7. Are you a school or college student who wants to buy a dog and raise it by your own. It’s great to have such a lovely heart. But what if your studies requires you to be in a different place after couple of years. Who will take care if your dog like you! Sad truth is no one.

Final Words :

Dogs are part of our life.  Depends on us. Never ever leave them alone or throw them out for any reason. Make sure you will be there to take care of them. Adopt a dog instead of buying one.

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