What Are The Largest Dog Breeds That Make Great Pets?

When you see one of the largest dog breeds on the road What would your first thought? Would you go to the dog and pet him or you make yourself move away from the dog to be safe! If your answer is to make yourself safe from the dog then this is a post for you.

When you consider size, you should consider other important aspects of them too. In this article, I would like to suggest some of the largest dog breeds which can make great pets with a human.


St.Bernard the largest dog breed

St.Bernards are one of the largest dog breeds in the world. Fluffy thick double coated body with heavy bones structure. The gigantic look can make you think before proceed with them. But I have personally had a many great times with this gentle giant. They are very friendly with people. They have been used in many rescue missions to recover the lost in the arctic pole. Also, one of the helpful dogs breeds for your adventurous┬átravel trip. Great companions. Generally they love to play around with kids. You don’t need to worry since they are natural guards of your family. They tolerate kids rough play compare to other largest dog breeds.

Blood Hounds

Blood Hound

Blood Hounds are best criminal tracking breed. They have great sniffing power which can lead them to find what is lost or tracking thieves, criminals. They have been used as a hunting dog breeds during the world war. Also, they have been trained to find illegal drugs, goods in international airports. Do you want to make a guardian for your belongings, Blood Hound is the perfect large dog breed which can help you in many ways. They make a wonderful pet.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

One of the handsomest dogs breeds. Bernese Mountain Dog is originated from Swiss Mountains. Clever dog breed. Loyal, friendly and easy to train. They love children. Love to mingle with family and it’s members. This dog breed has cute puppies. I must mention that Bernese Mountain dog is working dog breed wich can do anything for a dog owner. With a proper dog training socialization training, you can make a wonderful companion. But they need a yard to play around. It’s good to take them to parks and let them play with other dog breeds and people.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound is easy trainable. Famous for it’s hunting skills. They have been used to hunt small animals. Their reputation is quite high as wolf hunters. They are being a guardian angel for many farm owners from past history. Their size is a big advantage which keeps other animals to stay away from them. Gentle and Loyal. They require a space to be in their comfort zone. Playful domestic dogs.

Final Words

There are many other largest dog breeds helps a human being in so many ways. Leonberger, Great Dane, Bull Mastiff are also the largest dog breeds which make great pets. Also, refer my previous article about Top 10 Big Dog Breeds to list out the other largest dog breeds. S

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