Puppy Vaccination Schedule Which You Should Not Miss !

Are you super excited about bringing a super cute puppy to home ? And want to raise it as your own child ! You would. But are you aware of puppy vaccination schedule! If you’re not, this article will help you to know the importance of dog vaccination schedule and how that will help your four leg baby to grow faster and healthier.

What is Puppy or Dog Vaccination Schedule?

Is this a first time you hear about puppy vaccination schedule! You should know this before you get a puppy for your house.  I will summarise it short. Vaccination is a way to stimulate the immune system to produce a protective response. This will fight back the infection when your puppy comes into contact with a  disease for real. Providing the proper vaccination to your pet puppy is the only way to protect them from all young age infections,diseases.

When Can You Give the First Vaccination Injection to Your Puppy?

Puppy Vaccination Schedule

The earliest time a puppy can be vaccinated is 6 weeks.  Second vaccination injection can be given 10 weeks of age. As per the latest dog vaccination schedule information, a vaccine company developed more comprehensive Leptospirosis vaccine. As per the protocol, the gap between the first injection and second should be 4 weeks is very strict. In this manner, your puppy will get the second injection at 10 weeks old. This will  help your puppy to go out earlier and get socialised with other dogs and explore the world.

What are all the diseases can be covered in this puppy vaccination?

As I mentioned earlier, without this vaccination, your puppy can be weak, isolated and lazy. Very importantly they will get infections very easily. Some of the common dog diseases which can be cured by this vaccine.

Distemper is a well known old disease which is also known as  “hard-pad”. This can affect your dog immune system.  Unvaccinated puppies and dogs will suffer a lot if they get this.

Flu is a well spread easy disease as like for people.

Leptospirosis is contracted via urine of rats or dogs. This virus can easily catch your pet when they deal with contaminated water. For an instance ,if you allow your dog to swim in canals or rivers , there are more possibilities of getting infected by this.  The worst part is this can make a severe kidney damage.

Sounds scary right! Well by following the proper puppy and dog vaccination schedule you can save your furry friend from all above mentioned problems.


When you have a plan to get a puppy, this puppy vaccination schedule should be in the most priority list of your dog care. This will lead them into healthy and happy life. They will become more active and sharp than your expectation.

Please share this useful information with your friends who have a plan to get a puppy.  Also, comment your opinions and ideas about dog vaccination.

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