How to Stop Dog Shedding within a Week

Dog shedding is one the biggest issues faced by pet owners. Finding unwanted hair while cleaning your furniture can lead your mood spoiled. It’s proven that unhealthy dog hair can make serious health troubles to human being. So it’s a real challenge to pet owners to prevent their dog from excessive shedding.

Pets like dogs,cats are naturally sheds regardless of their age or bred. Especially some dog breeds have more hair and thicker undercoats. We cannot stop a dog or cat from shedding but we can help reduce the amount of loose hair and also effectively remove that so that can’t be a threat to our family.

Dog SheddingAs we know already , many of the dog breeds have thicker undercoat. So they shed to get rid  of old , damaged extra hair. This thicker coat helps to insulate themselves in winter and shed extra hair in summer. It’s not the only reason. Dog shedding is inevitable since it can be happen based on such a reason like skin allergies,broken hair. They shed excessively when they have a skin problems. In this article , you can find 10 effective tips to stop dog shedding within a week time.

10 Tips to Reduce Dog Shedding

  1. Proper Food:  Dog coat is often considered as a proof of what they eat. Feed them high protein and digestive food sources.
  2. Brush your Dog : Grooming plays a vital role on preventing your dog from excessive shedding. Soft comb brushing is the best home remedy for your dog and to keep your home as  hair free zone.
  3. Fatty Acid Supplement : This reference is very specific. Feed your dog acid supplement like Vitacoat® Plus. This keeps his coat healthy and shiny.
  4. Cover your furniture :Are you one of them!  Some of us allows our pet dog to sit on the couch we use daily basis. Then also be ready to invest some amount on furniture throws.  Throws will be very helpful to keep your furniture clean. Car seat cover is the another useful investment to prevent your vehicle seats.
  5. Vacuum Often : Never be tired of vacuuming efforts. You can make it as a rule before you bring a pet to your home. Frequent vacuuming is really matters.
  6. Bath your Dog : It’s all your responsibility to bath your dog occasionally. Especially in summer , give him a hot or cool water bath very often. Also follow step 2 to avoid the broken hair problem after bath.
  7. Regular Checkups : After all it’s necessary to bring them to your vet. Your dog may have a habit of sleeping on floor. Many of the disease can affect your dog skin immediately. Regular visit to your veterinarian can help you to identify the problem early. Also veterinarian advice can be the expert advice.
  8. Use Proper Grooming Equipment :  Use such as long and short hair deshedding comb,Proper big dog nail clipper , Soft comb, Flea and tick tropical dog shampoo.
  9. Upholstery hair removal :  It’s not very tedious to remove newly shed hair. But it’s a painful job to remove it from Upholstery fabric . In such a case use pet hair pick up roller to remove it from your furniture. It’s better to follow tip 5 very often on your dog bed and all furniture.
  10. Allergy Release : Meet your veterinarian to provide proper allergy release tonics and injections.  It will prevent your dog from itching problems. Bio Spot ACTIVE  CARE SPOT ON is one of the best remedy to control infestations.

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