Dog Vaccination Schedule

Dog vaccination Schedule Dog owners may have different opinion about  Dog vaccination schedule for their dogs since that fact relies on many other reasons like what breed it is, origin , age, atmosphere , living nature etc. Dog experts says , dogs don’t need vaccine at 0-7 weeks, 21-24 weeks or can be say six months.
Consensual report says that dog should receive DHPP’s (Distemper,Hepatitis,Parainfluenza and Parvovirus) every 3-4 weeks at the age of 6-8 weeks old and 14-16 weeks older.DHPP Readminstration will be required every after one year.

Dog vaccination schedule has to be track ,since your puppy needs to be vaccine to grow healthy and strong.
An Optional vaccine “Bordetella” which may or may not required to your dog ,based on lifestyle. Vets suggestion towards bordetella is every 6 months once or 12 months(Optional).
Leptospirosis vaccines has name for its controversy. Many vets prefers it in intial puppy vaccine since Lepto can spread to people. Rabies vaccines has been stated it is needed every 3 year once rather than taking every 1 year.

Dog vaccination schedule table:

Age of the Dog Vaccine
6-8 Weeks DHPP
10-12 Weeks DHPP
14-16 Weeks DHPP
Anually DHPP(Follow up every three years , Bordetella(optional),Rabies

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