Dog Grooming Tips

Dog Grooming Tips

We can easily buy any dog breeds according to our wish but grooming your dog is little difficult in our hectic schedule of work. Plan at least once in a week to groom you favorite breed. Below are the some basic easy dogs grooming tips.

Dog grooming tips:Bathing dogs
Bathing dogs

Bathing Dogs:

Always choose some outdoors to bathing dogs otherwise you will get full wet during your pet bathing 🙂 Use some mild warm water is always best choice to bathing dogs. Use some mild dog shampoo and start bathing the dog’s body and legs. Dogs head is final part to bath and make sure your shampoo should not enter into dog’s eyes, ears and nose. While bathing dogs use some cotton to cover dog ears or use your finger to cover the hole because dog ears are very sensitive part. Leave the shampoo three or four minutes on the dog and then rinse completely.

Once you are done with bathing get some dry towel and make dry your dog body and legs. After that comb your pet coat softly.

Avoid bathing your dog too frequently. Most dogs need not be bathed more than once every 4-6 weeks.

How to brush your dog:

Dog grooming tips: Briard
  • Brush down and out, away from the dog’s skin. Always brush in the direction the coat grows; dogs don’t like to be brushed backwards.
  • Be gentle or you may damage your dog’s coat by pulling and stretching hairs until they tangle and break. Take the time to untangle any snarls just as you would if your comb got stuck in your child’s hair.
  • If you encounter mats, apply a coat conditioner or mat spray and leave it on for several minutes. Then use a wide-toothed comb or a mat-splitting tool to get through the tangle. Mats can get close to a dog’s skin and removing them can be painful, so proceed carefully. You can cut out mats with scissors, but be careful you don’t end up at the vet’s for stitches; it happens more often than you’d think. If you just can’t get a mat out, take your dog to a

Clipping Dog Nails:

Clipping your dog nails are important part of dog’s grooming. Do it on weekly once or once in a 2 weeks. Make this practice from dog’s puppyhood, so that your dog will get used to that.

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