Best Puppy Foods

Humans can find a good and healthy foods which will not spoil their health and nutrition. Does dogs can do that! It’s our responsibility to provide best puppy foods to your baby dogs. Finding the best puppy foods may seems ease , which is not easy actually. There are lots of dog foods brands available in market now a days.

So How will you find and Where will you start?

To clear your mind regarding where to start , you need to know what is the best and ideal dog foods looks like and what your puppy needs for perfect growth level.

Here I am clearing your question by providing best puppy foods list:

  1. Higher in meat-based protein
  2. Higher in natural fat and oils
  3. Lower in Carbohydrates
  4. Formulated from a named animal source
  5. Free of animal or vegetable by-products
  6. Free of artificial flavoring, coloring and preservatives
  7. Complete in all essential vitamins and  minerals
  8. Not excessive in calcium for large breed puppies

Challenge of Nutrient Content

It’s difficult that you need to look after your puppy always , while feeding you need to pay attention to protein minimums and fiber maximums, and fat contents also.

Either too little and too much calcium can cause the bone problems which we can also apply to  phosphorus and magnesium too.

Are you sure your puppy food is complete and balanced ?

To Ensure your a puppy food is nutritionally complete and balanced , the association of american feed control officials has established a special nutrition profile optimized for growing dogs.

This Profile details no less than 37 nutrients that is must be in a puppy food including

  1. Ten amino acids
  2. 11 Vitamins
  3. 12 Minerals

Is it Safe to feed adult dog food to a puppy?

Your puppy foods contains more nutrients .. and less in others.

So it is safe to feed your adult dog a puppy foods. Never  feed any puppy a food  designed for adult dog maintenance. It can be deficient in certain puppy nutrients .

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