How to Walk a Dog – On the Street

In my previous article about How to walk a dog – Exercise 1  , I have explained the basic one of the important exercise you should teach your dog. As a continuation, I will add the second important exercise you should follow.

Dog Walking Exercise

Exercise 2

Well, exercise 2 will explain how to walk a dog on the street. It may require little bit patience but totally worth it.

You can use treats, such as small pieces of low-fat cheese or chicken, together with your dog’s dinner kibble, or simply feed your dog’s meals on walks until he has learned this exercise.

keep relatively quiet during these training sessions , too much chat can be distracting.

Follow these 4 training steps to make it correct on the streets.

  1. After completing exercise 1, set off using your dog’s name to get his attention. With your left hand , immediately grab a treat and hand-feed it into his mouth on the move. This is a reward for the slack lead.
  2. Quickly repeat with your next step forward , your dog gets a piece of food or every step you take on a loose lead. With practice, you can keep moving while feeding(rewarding) on the move.
  3.  If the lead goes tight , stop and hold the end with both hands against your belt buckle area. This gives you stability and stops you yanking your dog back. remain quiet and patient, let your dog think and make his way back to the correct position before you set off again.
  4. When this starts working ,  a reward for the slack lead less often, so you are getting more successful steps per treat. The beauty of this positive method is that your dog  walks nicely in the  anticipation that he might get a food reward .

When you have practiced loose lead walking, experiment with different walking speeds, compromise a little so you both feel you are walking  at a comfortable pace.

Speed up slightly or slow down. Discover your dog’s comfortable walking pace.

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