3 Months Old Puppy Maintanance & Training

I have been surfed internet to find Puppy Training tips, which will be useful for the beginners who cares growing their puppy with well mannered behaviors. Most of them were very informative but have not included very basic training tips which has to be followed by the owner immediately.
Basic training tips for puppies has been included in my previous article How to Train Puppy Pet owners who crossed this basic training to your pup , may not be aware of what’s next? Do’s and Don’t Do’s?
Getting a needed training details for 3 Months Old Puppy which is so specific is time consuming task on internet. This information below will help you to understand the do’s and don’t’s while your 3 months old puppy training.

It is very difficult to look after your puppy all the time. Especially once she reached 3 months old , training is much important to become well trained dog. We need to follow specific rules and need to understand the behavioural change in your puppy. This is the period where your puppy’s brain is active and where is she ready to learn her name and your basic commands. She will be more interested in earning your attention and affection.

Tips for What your mind should be thinking about 3-Months-Old Puppy:

Second Round of vaccination >>
3 Months old Puppy VaccinationMost of the pet owners are lazy enough to avoid or postpond their schedule to give vaccine to their puppy. At this stage you should have given second vaccination to make her healthy and clean. Physical strength plays a vital role on your puppy to be active and take up a training from you. Your puppy needs full three rounds to ensure she is safe against illness and other disease.


Obedience Training >>
3 Months old puppy Obedience TrainingPuppies are impressionable which can easily let yourself to allow them on what they want.It’s quite wrong. If your puppy seems out of control with problems such as a biting and sofa’s,furnitures and shoes and nipping at your feet when you walk, barking incessantly at the cat ,obedience training can help your puppy. It is important to make the rules for her and make her realise that what is expected of her from early. Make it simple is the key for you both to follow it easily.


Tips for Dealing your Puppy’s Growth Factors >>
3 months old Puppy growth factorsPuppy’s growth factors relied on so many things which are all not commonly noticed by pet owners. First 15 – 20 Weeks , During this time , your pup may suddenly be all limbs and all tail when they are mostly messes up with your stuffs  and expensive house holds. How much a puppy shoots up at this time depends on her breed, diet and health. Make her comfort when she needs it and allow her to follow the health diet and training which may take some time.

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