How to Walk a Dog – Three Training Tips to Loose Lead Walking!

You might have noticed many times such as a dog owner running behind his dog as he lost control of the leash ! He might have the best dog leash or long dog leash. But it won’t be useful to  him when he does not know How to walk a dog !

Walking a dog in a way you like will require patience. There are many dog experts made articles and videos on how to walk a dog properly. If you’re not aware of those , I would summarize them into three training tips which will make you realize walking a dog is not a rocket science.

Giving your dog a walk means he can toilet, sniff and enjoy the environment . Not giving him a walk could leave him bouncing off the walls at home. Teaching your dog to walk comfortably on a loose lead is possible when you follow the rules to guide how to walk a dog.

How to Walk a Dog



Consistency is important in training , so decide which side you want your dog to walk on from now on. You can be then certain where your dog is when you are walking and he learns which side is rewarding for him to be walking on.

Follow these three steps to train the positional practice.

  1. Hold the lead in your right hand, close against your stomach. This is your permanent anchor. keep your treats in your left pocket or a treat bag on the left. Distribute the treats with your left hand so all the good stuff will be on the side where you want your dog to be.
  2. Before you take a step,stand still and reward your dog twice for being in the correct place.
  3. If he moves to the end of the lead or crosses to the opposite side , no treats , no party ! Quietly let him figure out where the good stuff occurs( in this case on your left only). Keep the lead clamped against your stomach.

Practice this exercise many times and unclip the lead.Session completed ! It is a good idea to start off in a quiet location such as the kitchen or garden.You can even hand-feed your dog’s meal for this exercise. You should also start every walk like this.

I will update next two important exercises in my upcoming article about How to walk a dog.


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