How to Train Your Dog : Unusual Tricks

Dogs are lovable,cute,intelligent,true companion and a loyal friend. Some of us still afraid of dogs and not ready to play with them. I have had this question in my mind and tried to find out an answer for it. Finally came up with a clear idea. People afraid of dogs which is not trained properly. This article will help you find out some basic but important tips on How to Train Your Dog!

All dogs love to please their owners. Dog training can be the best practice to make your dog gain your affection and love. It will create a deep bond between you both. Many of the dog owners have no idea when they bring a cute little puppy to their home. It’s important to have a basic plan on how to make an arrangements for your new family member, how to train your dog, dog training tips and tricks.

Dog Training Tricks

Dog owners can start their course with basic training tricks like sit and stand. But it’s better to have a list  of training tricks which should be prioritized based on your dog’s age.

House Training – Eliminating Problem

Puppies are clueless until you show them a proper path. Your concern may not be over by providing a place to sleep. They are like new born babies. Dog owner should teach them how to behave and what to do and don’ts. Eliminating problem is the most known and intolerable issue faced by dog owners and their family members. Puppies cannot control their elimination due to lack of physical control. First Trick to avoid elimination problem.

1. Make your puppy slowly walk around your backyard and let him sniff around the entire place. This activity can lead them to find a spot for elimination. It may not be successful immediately . Keep your patience and try the same for some days. Do not stop giving this training until you find him eliminating at the same place every day.

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High Five

Next important trick is how to make your dog  high five! Puppies/Dogs are smart enough to learn this trick easily. There is lot of variation on this trick which is completely based on their owners. But the method below is identified extremely effective and easy to train.


  • Notice your dog position. Have your dog sit on the floor, then you also need to sit on the floor facing your dog.Be close to him so that he will be able to touch you with his paw.
  • Take your dog treat and place it in your palm and make a fist. Hold your hand , palm down, under your dog’s nose few inches away from his face. Your dog may small the treats and paw at your hand.
  • If he make a contact , each time when he paw at your hand reward him with your treats .Repeat this process until your dog consistently touches your hand for the treat.

I have clearly mentioned about this process on my previous article about how to make your dog high five. Process of giving treat can be apply to all other basic tricks like sit and stand, high five, roll over, bark, catch and hold.

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10 Unusual Tricks to teach your dog :

  1. High Five
  2. Army Crawl
  3. Collect Garbage
  4. Salute
  5. Kiss
  6. Hand stand
  7. Water Fetch
  8. Peek-a-boo
  9. Walk Backwards
  10. Open and Close door

It’s not the whole job. Just the beginning. It is 10 out of 1000 who has really understand their dogs problem and train them based on that.

List of Unusual Tricks that dog owners should focus:

  • Trick to overcome shyness

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  • Noise Training – Fear of Thunder and lour noises

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  • Training to stop digging

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  • Obedience Training

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