How to Train Puppy – Dog Obedience Training

puppy-trainingThis is a post for the people who has passion towards dogs and still in dilemma how to start or pursue your dog dream.

First thing you need to remember , are you really want to do this? Since its the problem acquiring among the families which has faced troubles  towards maintaining their puppy properly. If your heart says so ,proceed further advises below.

You need to be certain on such things like dogs bed, toys and place to live before you bring your puppy home. Then select your breed little careful. Because selecting your breed depends on many reasons like country,weather,origin of the dog.

Tips for How to Train Puppy – Dog Obedience Training

Be sure on that whether she will be able to survive on your place. Now your ready to bring your cute puppy home. Its important to know that you can’t start the training as she arrived in your home. Your family members excitements on your little puppy may surprise her for a while. But she will feel lost if your not ready for her already.

Its important to know that you can make a best practices which will take best out of your puppy. Remember that your puppy just been taken away from her mother and her other little mates . So the first thing she need is security and love.

Make the rules for your pup and ask your family members to follow it. Healthy and proper dog food will make her strong enough to get trained. Make sure that who will be doing the food supply and ask them not be broke that serving time. Physical health helps your puppy to be follow your commands easily.

Don’t flood your training on her. If she wants yo take rest or feeling sleepy let her sleep well. Sleeping is the best practice to get energized for the rest of the day. If she’s not able to sleep , make her comfort and let her feel happy that your presence will be there when she needs it.

Don’t deviate from the schedule for your puppy. Puppies are playful and mischievous. If she commits any mistake , make sure that you or your family members will not show reprimand or any harmful punishment. They are puppies. They did not meant to be do that mistake. Handle her genuine.

dog_chewingOne fine day, you may have found that your puppy has  damaged your furniture’s  and shoes and other foot wears. What does it mean. Why are they doing it. Its very natural in all puppies . biting and playing with your shoes and furniture’s gives them the satisfaction of play. So it’s important to teach her to play with her toys . if she does not listen to you , say “Off” politely until she leave that thing. Give her the  toy which has been specially made for puppies. Make it routine so that you will not be shocked by seeing your brand new shoe has been teared in to pieces.

Don’t allow your puppy to play outside. Any disease can easily affect her since her immune system will not be strong enough to fight viral and bacterial infection. It is better to consult with your veterinarian for your puppy’s day out. Give her proper vaccination to make her feel healthy and strong .

Mental health is equally important like physical. So arrange socialization training and make sure that she will be able to that. That will help her to socialize with other puppies and people.

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