How to Make Your Dog to High Five !

Dog High Five

Dogs are generally very smart. In fact better than human at such a case. They can think and adopt easily when they are happy and willing to learn. As long as your dog is OK with what your trying to teach him , it will be easy for the dog owner to unleash the potential of your super dog.

Dog owners always insist on how to teach a dog to high five since the common attitude has been set around that , high five is the beginning stage of dog training. As I referred in my previous article about Puppy Training Advice , puppies start learning your commands when they are 3 weeks old. It’s best to start your training when they  love to learn.

Teach your Dog to High Five

Are you done with setting up the basic needs for your dog! then it’s good to proceed further. Sit,stay,heel are the very basic puppy training part. Once your dog have mastered it, make him ready for the cool doggy trick that How to Make Your Dog to High Five is easier than you think.

Dog experts found lots of methods , but here am explaining about simple steps I found. Dog owner need to have distraction free zone and simple dog treat to encourage your dog performance .

  1. Notice your dog position. Have your dog sit on the floor, then you also need to sit on the floor facing your dog.Be close to him so that he will be able to touch you with his paw.
  2. Take your dog treat and place it in your palm and make a fist. Hold your hand , palm down, under your dog’s nose few inches away from his face. Your dog may small the treats and paw at your hand.
  3. If he make a contact , each when he paw at your hand reward him with your treats .Repeat this process until your dog consistently touches your hand for the treat.
  4. Slowly start move hour hand slightly to the side, Make sure he will still reach up and touch your hand for the treat. If he does this consistently , you’re ready to move to the next step.
  5. Open your hand in high five position , facing your dog  and raise it in front of him. Treat him each time when he touches  your palm.
  6. Repeat this and continue rewarding him for touching your open palm and now add the verbal cue “High Five!” each time he touches your hand.
  7. Keep practicing and reward your dog along with the verbal cue until he does the behavior consistently.
  8. Now try giving him the verbal cue while raising your palm and see if he will give you a high five..

Keep practicing will make your dog to be very familiar with the verbal cue and  make your dog to high five with no time.


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