Dog Noise Training – Fear of Thunder & Loud Noises

Dogs afraid of Thunder

Dog  Noise TrainingIt’s a well known fact that dogs are fear of thunder ,sudden and loud noises. Dogs often express their fear in destructive manner like barking,cowering,escaping. Dog owners often commits two mistakes which makes the situation more worst.
Do not punish or reprimand when they are frightened already. Dogs do this when  they are really afraid of a loud and sudden noise. They did not mean to disturb you. Don’t comfort your dog like “Oh Baby. It’s nothing, Come to mom” which is actually wrong motivation to your dog. You might think you’ve given comfort and  security, but your not letting your dog sustain the situation. Dogs cannot understand your words at this point of situation , but can understand your soothing tone.Dogs concludes , it is doing right thing by acting nervous because your accepting and approving it.


What you can do now?
Avoiding unintentional reward actually stops the fearful behavior. But until the dog  is get over fears, it is better to confine him to a place or somewhere , where he can’t hurt himself and destroying your property. You can try crate which is ideal in these kind of situation. Habituate the dog to his special place so that he can feel comfortable and safe there. It’s better make these arrangements when you planned bring your dog home. Don’t wait until the situation has arrived to show your dog that he’s in safe hands.


Dog Noise Training >> Tip#1 -Distraction Training:
It’s difficult to fear when they are in to something which makes them happy  and occupied. Teach some game tricks to avoid listening to these loud and sudden noises.The idea is to distract the dog from the noise.Give your loads of love after they obeyed to your simple commands like Sit, Shake hands, though the storm has arrived already.


Dog Noise Training >> Tip#2 – Desensitization:
Another useful method  of helping your dog overcome his fear is to gradually accustom your dog to the noises that frighten him. You need to put an effort to make this happen. This can be done by recording noises and playing it back to  him, while he is enjoying normal day life. You can make a purchase from music stores which is having a Soundtracks of fireworks, thunder storm, Rain, Vehicle horn sound. Start playing it back at low volume you can barely hear it, but the dog’s keen hearing will.
The dog should show no signs of fear at this volume.Gradually increase the volume by small increment  over the course for weeks, months.Eventually he will be used to hearing the sounds at full force.If your dog shows fear signs , decrease it and again do it slowly.This procedure will work more quickly if you combine it with distraction training.

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