10 Tips to Have the Best Summer With Your Dog

Make this summer rememberable with your dog by following this 10 tips to have the best summer with your dog. There are lots of small things which can make a good impact on your dog when you follow these summer dog tips to have a cool summer with your dog.

Below summer dog tips will help you to understand your dog better and enjoy your summer holiday with your dog.

Summer dog tips


Are you filled with excitement at the thought of spending the summer months with your canine companion?

If not, think about any concerns you may have and take action to resolve them.

For example, if you are anxious that summer means there will be more dogs out and about and your dog won’t cope with this, then enroll in some dog training classes to help you both feel more confident and relaxed. Ask some other dog owners or your vet, to recommend a trainer who uses the positive reinforcement techniques that will help you to successfully overcome your dog’s problems or safely manage them.

This is one of the important summer dog tips to start your summer.


Making an effort to get a little physically fitter will enable you to enjoy longer walks and more fun activities with your dog throughout the summer.

This is a perfect time to overhaul your diet and increase your exercise regime. It is always easier to lose and get fitter with a training buddy, so try to find a dog walking friend who can walk or run with you and help you to keep each other on track.

Your dog will also enjoy the summer months so much more if he is the correct weight for his breed and size.

If you are unsure whether your dog is too big or too thin, ask your vet to check him and advise on what his ideal weight should be for optimum fitness.


Getting out and about with your dog during this summer, visiting different venues and trying out a variety of activities should be all about having fun, the last thing you want to worry about is a big vet bill if your pet suddenly becomes ill or has an accident. Although insuarance can some times seems like an unnecessary additional expense, there is no doubt that a good insurance policy can provide great peace of mind and save owners lots of money in the long run.

If you dog went missing while you were on holiday, or was taken ill and needed extensive investigations or surgery, it is such a relief to know that any expensive vet bills or costs try to reunite you will be covered.

If your dog han’t been insured in the past , consider making some calls and comparing what different insurance companies are able to offer.


To enable you to relax and have as much fun as possible  this summer, do some extra work on basic dog training such as recall,loose lead walking and sits and downs. Get into the habit of wearing a treat bag and carrying tasty treats or a favorite toy when you are out and about, then reward your dog frequently to encourage him to return to you as soon as he is called.


Summe wouldn’t be summer without a great holiday. Whether you are planning a trip to dog-friendly cottage, fancy a fun camping trip or just want to organise a relaxing staycation, there is something to suit everyone’s budget and personal requirements

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Apart from planning all the things,you would like to do this summer,give yourself permission to be completely spontaneous as well.

If you wake up one morning and the weather is gorgeous, the don’t be afraid to change all your plans and do something that you know you and your dog will absolutely love.

Stick a pin in a map and see where it takes you,then make yourself a packed lunch, fill a water bottle for the dog and go exploring. Summer is a time for adventures and with your dog by your side ,you will enjoy everything so much more!


If your work life balance is interfering with your ability to enjoy the summer months. Maybe it’s time for a complete rethink.

Committing plans to paper will take you one step closer to achieving your dreams


The days have  a habit of flying away, so get your diary or calendar out and purposefully pencil in how you plan to spend your weekends, holidays and time off.

Make a list of all the things you would love to do and then schedule in that trip to the seaside, the walk in the woods,dog shows you would like to attend, training camps you have been meaning to go and anything else that will help to make this summer extra special.Committing plans to appear will take you one step closer to achieving your dreams.


We know there are no guarantees of summer sunshine with the Great British weather, but we can always hope! Whatever the weather, you can still enjoy yourself by wearing the right clothes.

Cool T-shirts, shorts and summer walking shoes will stop you getting too warm and your dog will benefit from a cool coat, bandannas and lots of drinking water.  Of course, waterproof coats and wellies are also must-haves for the inevitable showers !

If your dog enjoys playing water, try filling a hard sided padding pool with water and floating some of his favorite toys and tennis balls and top, Remember that dogs  only have sweat glands on their paw pads, and so are unable to sweat in the same way that humans do.

A paddle in a cool water, or a swim in a safe pond or lake, can help to keep dogs comfortable. But make sure the water isn’t icy – if it’s the right temperature for you, it should be the right temperature for your dog.


A sponsored walk on a beautiful summer’s day is a lovely way to have fun with your dog and meet new friends. There are many events to choose from, so you can opt to support a small local charity, or help one of the bigger ones. Check the local press and your vet’s notice board for details of events near you.

Sponsored walks are a great chance to have fun and raise money


I believe you love these 10 tips to have the best summer with your dog and will try to attempt to make your summer memorable. Above mentioned summer dog tips are good enough to try and make a positive impact on this summer for your dog.

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