Top 10 Big Dog Breeds

Top 10 Big Dog Breeds

There are more than 150 dog breeds has identified officially based on their standards, origin,temperaments and skills. Generally they are categorized as three major categories that’s based on their size and look.

1. Small Dog Breeds

2. Medium Dog breeds

3. Large Dog Breeds

The proven fact 70% of dog lovers prefers small dog breeds. They are small,cute,adorable. But some people have keen fond of Large or big dog breeds. Common observation among large dog breeds is they are majestic,tall and have huge body , though they seems cute when they manage to run towards you lick off your face.

Based on many measurements like height,weight,body length,bone mass,skull shape,coat,age wise growth AKC declared a list of  Top 10 Big Dog Breeds. No wonder you feel after seeing those Top 10 Large dog breeds photos below.


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