Funny Puppy Playing Photos

Puppies are very playful, especially between the ages of 3-7 weeks old. They develop the sense of identifying people and socializing with other people and dogs. Funny puppy is like a cute little disturbance in your home. They need you always to play with them and they behave mischievous when you do.

Puppy basic training and puppy obedience training is very important to develop the natural skills in to a healthy and obedient adult dog. Do not reprimand your puppy for his playful behavior, this is very natural at puppy times. They squeal when they are afraid, comfort him to make him feel that you will be there for your puppy.  Take your funny puppy pictures as a remembrance of his childhood. Also this will help you to calculate the level of growth from his puppy time.

Funny Puppy Playing Photo Gallery

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