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Have you ever seen your dog’s face under the water !!! No! Even I have not seen my dog face like that. But after seeing the this Dog Underwater Photos, I felt like OMG. At first bit scary, after some time I started laughing at these photos by imagining my dog face like these photos. Sounds funny right !

Underwater dog photos have been published in a book called “Underwater Dogs”. This is a special kids edition book by Seth Casteel. Very popular kids edition of Newyork Times best seller.

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These pictures are crystal clear even under the water. We all know how difficult to capture such dog high quality photos inside water. Kudos to the attempt and all crew members who are all involved in this assignment. Specially this book has been published as a kids edition to capture a special interest of young generation.

Such a attempts should be reach more kids and young generation to grow their interest  towards animals and pets. Also this will give more insightful photos of dogs under the water which is kind of rare to see.

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