Cute Pictures of Sleeping Puppies

Puppies are adorable when they sleep, you cannot take your eyes out of the sight when your lovable puppy sleeps. We would like to hold that vision always in our memory. The only thing we could not let the moment pass by is capturing that while your cute puppy sleeping.
Probably most of the dog owners do that to show others how cute their puppy while sleeping. Here by find some of the best Cute Pictures of Sleeping Puppies been captured by their owners.

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Cute Pictures of Sleeping Puppies Gallery

Fun Facts about Puppies

  • Puppies are born blind , deaf and toothless.
  • Puppy Spends 14 hours of ¬†every day sleeping .
  • Puppy develops sense of sniffing at the age of three weeks.
  • During the first week of puppies life, it spends 90% for sleeping and remaining 10% for eating.

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