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Arnold Schwarzenegger with his dog

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For us they are celebrities. For that beautiful dog, his owner is a celebrity. Owners in above gallery are the world famous top class Hollywood actors. You might be a hardcore fan of them already . Still the below list of the celebrities names and their  dog breed information will help you find more about your favorite hero.

1.Arnold Schwarzenegger with his Labrador Retriever

2.Bradley Cooper with his cross breed of Akita

3.Eva Mendes with her Belgian Malinois

4.Gerard Butler with his cute little Pug

5.Hugh Jackman with his French Bulldog

6.Jenifer Aniston with her rare and majestic White German Shepherd

7.Justin Timberlake with his Pit Bull

8.Kellan Lutz – A special attention to this guy. Once he made a statement

Buying Animals is Killing Animals


9.Leonardo Dicaprio with his French Bulldog

10.Paul Walker with his cute Labrador Retriever

11.Sandra Bullock  – Last but not least,  She deserves a special attention like Kellan Lutz. She has two adopted mixed breed dogs.

Some of the top class actors preferred a dog adoption instead of buying a well known pure bred. It’s really matters to the homeless dogs , also  a good lesson for us to take an  initiative towards Dog adoption.

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