Brussels Griffon Dog Photos

[themify_slide] This dog breed is originally bred to hunt small rodents.  One of the small dog breeds. Adorable and affectionate. Intelligence is a key why people love this small dog. Hardly rough. Easily mingle with new people. Reserved at times. One of the best companion dogs.

Brussels Griffon Dog is often called as a “Monkey Faced Dog”. Belgium originated breed is sturdy and intelligent . Well suitable for flat and individual house. Affectionate ,cheerful and great companions. But this breed is quite sensitive and moody at times. Dog owner should handle with care. As like all other dog breeds they need more attention from their owners.

There are two types of Brussels Griffon . Rough coated griffon and smooth coated griffon. But as per their home land Belgium three types: The Petit Barbancon(Smooth coated ), Brussels Griffon which is has a rough red coat and the Belgian Griffon which has a rough coat that can be any color other than red.

Griffons naturally easy mingle type with other dogs and pets. But they cannot tolerate immature kids. Mostly they create close bond to one of the family member who is very close this breed. [/themify_slide]
[themify_slide]Height: 7 to 8 Inches
Weight: 7 to 12 pounds
Life span : 12- 15 Years[/themify_slide]


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